Amanda Silver

Amanda Silver

Director of Program Management, Developer Tools, Microsoft Dev Tools

Amanda Silver is the Director of PM for Microsoft’s Developer Tools and Platforms. She has been involved in Microsoft’s journey to contribute to open source with the introduction of TypeScript, Visual Studio Code, the JavaScript engine Chakra upon which Microsoft’s Edge browser runs, the acquisition of Xamarin and the pending acquisition of GitHub. She believes that a tight digital feedback loop with zero distance between end-users and engineering teams is a critical element of customer obsession. Her latest projects include Visual Studio Live Share to enable real-time collaboration between devs and Visual Studio IntelliCode which infuses the developer inner-loop with AI. Unleashing the creativity of developers is her unrelenting passion.

Fireside Chat: Open Source and Open Standards in IoT


Particle’s CEO Zach Supalla sits down with IBM, Microsoft, and Thread Group to discuss the implications and opportunity with open source in IoT.

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