Daniel Burrows

Daniel Burrows

Founder & CEO, XStream

Daniel is the Founder and CEO of XStream and creator of TruckWings™, the industry first active-aero product for trucks.  At highway speeds, panels fold out to close the tractor trailer gap to streamline the truck and save fuel.   After millions of miles of testing, TruckWings are now in full production and installed in several 10,000+ truck fleets. The fuel savings are tracked in real time by the CarbonConnect™, a “Nest for Trucking” which also powers other applications on the IoT platform.
Daniel has a BS and MS in Physics from Imperial College London, before veering into 6 years of management consulting (Oliver Wyman), private equity/VC investing and doing an MBA at Stanford University.  He likes to play chess, drink fancy coffee and listen to podcasts from across the political spectrum.

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