Neil Schultz

Neil Schultz

Co-founder, Altrac

Neil Schultz is the co-founder of Altrac, a startup focused on agricultural automation. Born in Montana, Neil graduated Wharton ’09 and joined Flurry (now Yahoo Analytics) to learn the power of big data. With his eye on merging hardware and analytics, Neil studied industrial design at the California College of Arts. He landed a hardware design job at Juicero (*cue laughter), and designed Juicero’s produce pouch and pouch filling system. During his time at Juicero, Neil met many growers and saw a need for automation in this underserved community. After his exit, he teamed up with Heath Westbrook to bring Altrac to life. Altrac differentiates itself with easy-to-use software (soldier-proof), realtime wireless equipment control, and bundled data costs.

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