Hands on with the latest Particle products

Access to the latest Particle Hardware

With you freshly baked hardware bundle in hand, the Particle team will walk you through the newest released next generation hardware family and mesh networking technology. Walk away with the understanding of how to build a local network, leverage the latest mesh gateways, and end points. Plus a special hack for your custom PCB Partibadge.

Master the Particle platform and developer tools

Take in-depth sessions on the latest Particle developer tools and just announced product to power your next IoT project. You’ll become a master of the Particle platform and the most advanced new tools to date. 

Built around your own custom PCB Partibadge

All attendees will go home with a limited edition and custom PCB powered by Particle. While everyone will get a special experience out of the box, these workshops will help you fully unlock #badgelife.